As addiction progresses within an individual, so do the compromises one makes. Perhaps it begins with a prescription, and you justify taking an extra dose. Or maybe it begins with recreational drug use, that evolves from weekend use to weekday use. However it begins, it always progresses. As usage progresses, so does shame and guilt. In your heart you know where this path leads, but your addiction takes over and convinces you you’re in control. Whether it’s weeks, months, or year, the result is the same. Compromising ones own values to for that drug of choice. It’s as if you blink and one day you’re so far down the latter of compromises, you don’t recognize yourself any longer. Who is this person that’s become so sick? Who is this person that sold their belongings, stole from their friends and family, compromised their relationships? Who is this person? Addiction breeds shame and guilt. If you are tired of the shame and guild that comes from active addiction, we are ready to walk along side you through your journey to sobriety. Call us today and start living the life you we meant to at 615-979-8987.

*Ask about our introductory $200 New Beginnings program with FREE MEDICATION for new patients (some restrictions apply).

*New Beginnings program is for patients that meet the following criteria: Never been prescribed Zubsolv, not HEP-C positive, not currently pregnant, and meet prescribing doctors approval.

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