Our men’s clinic offeres Nashville testosterone replacemtn therapy for those with low testosterone. Experiencing low testosterone is like gearing up for a road trip, when your gas tank is already on empty. Men of all ages, all walks of life, experience symptoms from low testosterone every day. In many cases, it’s not talked about, and guys are unsure as to what is going on. We live in a society where men are made to feel embarrassed, or even ashamed at the side effects of low testosterone. As far as we are concerned, that stops here. Men’s Clinic of Nashville was specifically created for men, by men. We are here to get you back into fighting shape, and send you back out into the world as your best self.

Let’s talk about low testosterone; what it is, and what the symptoms are:

-low energy


-poor sleep

-sleep apnea


-memory loss

-hair loss

-waking up exhausted

-low sex drive

-low desire

-challenges achieving, sustaining, or establishing firm erections.

-waking up each morning without an erection.

These are a handful of the symptoms associated with having low testosterone. While there are many reasons guys experience low testosterone, the two most common are associated with genetics or age. The dip in testosterone begins for most guys around the age of 28, and continues to decrease.

Ok, we’ve talked about the symptoms of low testosterone, so what do you do if you have the symptoms of low T and are looking for a clinic? The next step is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We charge $150.00 for your Nashville testosterone therapy consult, and that fee includes blood work (completed in office), an exam with one of our experienced Nashville physicians, and a game plan as to how we can get you performing at your best. In some cases, that may included a loading dose of testosterone.

What does low testosterone feel like?

Often times the first noticeable difference is being tired. Waking up exhausted, feeling tired throughout the day, coming home from work with no energy. Lack of sexual desire, lower quality erections and performance. Not being able to remember the last time you woke up with an erection. These are various common examples of what men experience when they have low testosterone.

What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio natural hormones are similar to those found in our bodies. This speaks to the biological or molecular structure and it’s similarities that we as men produce. Rather than a synthetic or traditional hormone therapy. Bio natural hormones come in a variety of delivery systems; creams, pellets, etc. Finding which option is best for you, varies based on your needs and lifestyle.

Creams, shots, or pellets?

We get it. When it comes to bio identical testosterone, there are several options for those looking for testosterone replacement therapy in Nashville. Knowing which one is right for you can be overwhelming. Well, that’s why we’re here. Once you’re in our office, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks that each one can bring. Our goal, is your goal; to get you feeling the very best you possibly can.

How invasive are TRT/HRT pellet procedures?

It takes roughly ten minutes to complete a pellet procedure in office, and most guys report little to zero discomfort. We like to say, the worst part is the anticipation. No stitches are required, and some soreness is anticipated in recovery. Overall it’s an easy procedure, and nothing to be afraid of.

Is there any blood work involved in the diagnostic process?


What is Nashville testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is the practice of restoring free and total testosterone to a level in which you feel and perform at your best. It often involves a minimally invasive pellet procedure, or weekly shots in office. We work with the countries top hormone compounding pharmacies to ensure our patients experience the very best in results.

What are the benefits of Nashville testosterone replacement therapy?

Once men have their testosterone levels restored, they may find that they have higher levels of energy, more stamina, and a higher libido. Men tend to find they are sleeping better and waking up each morning with spontaneous erections. These improvements can be truly profound and even life changing for many men. An overall sense of wellness is also reported in many cases.

How does Nashville testosterone replacement therapy work?

Testosterone replacement therapy works by replenishing levels of free and total testosterone in the body. As we age, our testosterone begins to decline, and with it come undesirable side effects. Through traditional testosterone therapy, or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, our physicians can help you to achieve free and total testosterone levels that ensure your desired performance.

What are the side effects of Nashville testosterone replacement therapy?

In most cases testosterone replacement therapy is both safe and effective. With that being said, there are possible side effects. Men’s Clinic of Nashville conducts regular blood testing to ensure patients aren’t

What is the best TRT for low testosterone?

Men’s Clinic of Nashville believes patients should be both treated and looked at individually. A one size fits all approach doesn’t hold variables into account. With that being said, its important that we look at each patients needs and formulate a plan designed specifically for them. We have multiple therapies, and combinations of those therapies might be the best approach.

Yes. The physician you see will order either a basic or comprehensive blood panel during your exam. This is a simple process, and often times results are back within 24-48 hours.